#SoulBitsOnFire, Poetry

Day Six: Rebirth

She was a reincarnated goddess

A messenger bearing lessons

Regenerated with an allure that he would fall in lust with

She came alive for a purpose

A bouquet of floral scents

Full red lips and a blush that was permanently dancing beneath her eyes

Doe-eyed and glistening she encased his mother’s soul

Weary for her son’s path wanting him to grow

Her stare pierced his soul with familiarity

Her resurrection was not to be mistaken

But this feeling of him needing to surpass this pain was blurred by her aesthetic florescence

Her delivery was a curse and a gift

She had the ability to use his partition to her advantage



Repeat again

Their misery became a shared quest to see who could drain each other quicker

Unbeknownst to him his tongue was no match

She was the scarlet who lit up the sky in the midnight hours

A blood moon

A total lunar eclipse

Slithering as a serpent underneath her moonlight he longed for his mother in his unconscious mind


Run it...