Day Sixteen: A Single Voice

Day Sixteen: A Single Voice

I always wondered what it was about you that made every nerve in my body light up when you said my name. I could feel the excitement in your soft grin and the intentions racing through your mind.I never had to look at you. I could feel the intense pull as my heart sank to the floor.

I would cry to myself, “I thought I was done with this demon.”

When I say demon I mean my inner monster that was encouraging me to match his pull while parts of me screamed, “no.”

It was only in that moment I wanted you. You controlled so much of my body with just your presence and I couldn’t separate myself from you and this feeling. I begin to feel as those we mirrored the desire we buried in our souls in a continuous reflection. Our intensity magnified, feeling as though we could implode into one another but even then that wouldn’t be enough.


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