Day Thirty: The Past Year

Day Thirty: The Past Year

In the past year…

I’ve been more of myself than I have been in a very long time. I’ve let go of a lot of unnecessary things and I’ve gained the very things I’ve always desired.I’ve lost friends who I considered really good friends but at the same time made new connections with some really awesome people that have helped me on my journey. I stopped allowing myself to feel guilty about loving myself first and stood up for my right to say no when I didn’t feel like what was being asked of me was apart of loving me.

I stopped calling myself a drama queen or an emotional baby because my emotions wanted to be fluid and flow in and out as they pleased. I opened my home to welcome them so that I could listen to their stories. I made a conscious decision to be aware of me and to stop making excuses when it came to my therapy.

I remind myself that I am whole everyday. I praise myself for the things that I accomplish. I don’t try to live up to anyone standards and I don’t depress my free spirit when when the unexpected happens. Of course I am still healing, waking the parts of me that are still sleep, and learning but I refuse to apologize for the many faces that make me, me.


2 responses to “Day Thirty: The Past Year”

  1. For very different reasons, I’ve walked a road that may not repeat yours, but it does rhyme. My arrival at this point too a much longer time, but that’s because you’re probably much smarter. But I’m just grateful it now feels as though I am, finally, at home in my own skin. You are, too. Congratulations to us both! 🙂

    • Aww beautiful! I am so glad that we can understand each other through our own experiences. So I definitely feel a congrats is necessary to the both of us!

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