Day Twenty Seven: Holding My Breath

Day Twenty Seven: Holding My Breath

Anxiety is a deep itch you can’t scratch and your body responds to it like you do when you have an itch but you aren’t sure of it’s location. Except you aren’t aware of these processes being ran in the background until you get this deep feeling in your chest. This feeling reminds me of wild horses…unexpectedly galloping freely and it is scary because they are coming right towards me and I am frozen.

This fear bellows out in a low vibrating hum and the tears are there. They exist freely without me knowing why.

I don’t know why.

But once I start crying, I can’t stop and my whole body sings the song of a mad woman. Every verse and line with every emotion escapes at once.

I feel everything at once.

I then realize I am holding my breathe. Just breathe.



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