Day Twenty: Stranger To Me

Day Twenty: Stranger To Me

When I was only a girl

I was caught up in discovering you when I didn’t know me

I escaped from my turmoil boiling over into your dreams

Running every time you calledSkipping to a new thing to do

Dropping pieces of me

I thought I had grown a love in you

I’m now a woman

Flourishing in my confusion

Emotionally disabled but explosive

Not knowing where to place this

I undressed the pieces of me for you until I was bear

Rubbed my heart for one more wish of you

Now I am raw and bruised

You have kept yourself warm through my embarrassment

Ashamed to point the finger again but I do it

I’m trying for the life of me to understand why I am hurt by the love you never gave to me

You stung me

With your lips they curse my face

Lying on the surface of your lips are the stories you have made

Our kiss wasn’t defined by the same feeling

And yet I am still rubbing wishes from my heart for a stranger

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