Day Two: The Idea of You

Day Two: The Idea of You

You are a thought that never sails away

A smile that I keep tucked in my pocket

I still remember how gentle your hands were

And the patience inside themA dream in the morning

A warm kiss in the evening

When I see you

You see me

And I still feel the meeting of the universal soul in your iris

Me to you

Beating without skipping and our hearts raced together in silence

Our frequencies perfectly in-sync tearing down the world we resided in

We gave fire to our desire willing to burn the copses of our indifferences

Hiding beneath the coverage of their branches of inattentiveness

These are the ideas of you inside of my head

These are the memories of how we’ve lived

All the while they drift in the distant past they still feel as real as the smell of yesterday’s candle burning lit on my table

The corners of your smile like the end of the rainbow

A pot abundantly overflowing in the love you hold

Born from the idea of you love grows


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