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Do Artist Sell Their Souls

Honestly I don’t really know if artist sell their souls. I mean it’s not really my thing but if that’s what they are into so be it. I’ve just learned to mind my business but I would like to know now who they actually sell their soul to and for what.

Like what are we talking here?

Anywhozit! I know you’re probably like what in the name of click bait is this. Hey…you get it how you live it man.

Don’t even start judging me!

I was honestly looking for good keywords to use for this post, saw this, and thought it would be kind of funny. What I am trying to say is that I did it to get you here because I just missed you so much. I was just trying to clear the elephant in the room so it wouldn’t be awkward.

Yes, I am back and I am better! It has been a rough some odd months trying to get my life right. Like OMG you don’t even understand the seriousness of the situations that have taken place.

It was bad and I tapped out like a MMA fighter who wasn’t prepared to get BEAT. Stepping away from my blog was a little disappointing but I needed the time to sit and just think about what I was doing. I also needed the time to get my health in check in every aspect.

OH mY GoD whAtZ WrONg wITh HeR?

In case you didn’t know that was me mocking you. You deserved every bit because of that nosey thought that just scrolled across you brain. It’s okay, I don’t mind sharing with you.

I mean especially seeing how I click baited you! Lol.

About 6 months ago, I found out that my husband and I were expecting…again! Few weeks later I got really really sick and I am talking about past the limits of morning sickness. I was out of commission for months and even once recovering I had to straighten life out again.

Now that life seems to be somewhat normal I decided to make a grand return by updating my website and cleaning out my blog closet. It was a hot mess! Maybe it wasn’t but I’ve grown since the last time I’ve even typed in my own URL.

Yeah it’s been that long!

So I just wanted to let you know that…

1. I am still a poet/artist

2. I am still here but just needed a break

3. I am making my return right now.

If you support me, support me. If you don’t, ain’t nothing changed and I still love you. I want you to know your patience is greatly appreciated and I look forward to coming back to post new content.

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