Dragons Dropping Gems

I know there are girls and women who fall in love with tears in their eyes all because they have come across rare a pair of shoes they haven’t obtained yet. I use to be that kind of girl but I recently gave a bunch of my shoes away because I didn’t see the point anymore.

My new thing though is way better. It’s nose flaring, fire breathing dragons and it was never by choice but more by the force of the universe.

I called upon a spirit guide, who is a dragon by the name of Or. I gave him his name and he visits me often with messages. I named him Or because the journey I am on is all about possibilities. I wanted his presence to remind me of this just by saying his name. Dragons are long creatures and most time I exaggerate about how long they are by saying they are “infinite”. They are also very old and so they infinitely live on.

So to me, my spirit guide reminds me of the infinite possibilities that may come on my journey.

This dragon in particular has many heads and I believe that has the same representation.

But the best part of this statue is that it is an incense burner and the smoke comes up through their mouth’s. I lost my cool and turned into a complete dragon geek.

So if you ever want to send me a cool gift, anything dragon will be the best way to go.

I also got the Amethyst beads in the mail today so I will be making third eye and crown chokers with these beads.

Amethyst is so pretty! 😍

Infinite Love 🖖🏼


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