Dreams of Salvation Mountain

Have you ever had a dream about a place but could never describe it with words? With dreams like this you would need visuals in order to share what you truly saw. Only this isn’t always possible because places like this don’t exist…

…Or do they?

I remember I had a dream about a place I visited that was adventure time colorful and located on a hill. I can’t remember how old I was when I had this dream or if it was even a dream. I remember there being this eerie feeling and I didn’t understand why I was there.

The best way that I can describe this place is that it had these bright colors painted on them with religious scriptures written everywhere. I remember the cross standing out to me at the top and I just felt really scared in a sense. During the time in the dream it was post apocalyptic and deserted.

There were random things around like the world had completely stopped in it’s tracks and there was a car flipped onto it’s headlights, standing straight up. It had this really old dusty rustic look like it was there for awhile before I discovered it. I don’t know what happened but whatever happened took out majority of the world.

Luckily, I came across this photo on Unsplash and that’s when the familiar eerie feeling returned. “That’s it”, jumped out of me like a yelp I couldn’t control. I had goosebumps crawl up my arms and that is when I knew that I had to be traveling to places in my dreams or I am recalling memories from a past life.

Salvation Mountain

I put the image I found into google’s reverse image search engine and there it was all over the internet this whole time. I found the website containing the story for this place called Salvation Mountain and you can check it out by clicking the link or the image. The mountain is located in Southern California near a riverbank that has been deserted.

After reading about Leonard Knight, the man who created Salvation Mountain and his determination to build this place I feel compelled to visit. Maybe if I take a trip to see this place I can grasp a better understanding as to what my dream meant. I am not a Christian but I like to think when it comes to love and God we hold them in the same respect.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. What’s your spin on the dream I had? Have you ever heard of this place before? Have you had a dream about a place that really existed but you’ve never been to?

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