Emotions: A Symptom of Thoughts

The only way to let go of an emotion that is not pleasing is by changing the mind. Emotions are truly a symptom of thoughts. The only way to do this is by connecting the thought with the emotion, asking why this thought is disturbing, and accepting it as the truth or a lie.

How does this tie in with living a true life?

It is a very big part of discovering who we really are. We can’t live a true rich life if we allow our destructive thoughts to rule us emotionally. We can be our own enemy during a transformative change such as this one and it would be disappointing to relapse back into our old ways.


Mindfulness. Mindfulness. Mindfulness.

I can’t say this enough but mindfulness has truly inspired me to attentively my mind my own thoughts in the moment. I am aware of my thoughts and how they make me feel more than I’ve ever been. I know that keeping myself in the moment and being aware of my thoughts has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Once I honed in on how I was thinking in the moment I noticed how my thoughts didn’t automatically align with my real self. That doesn’t make me any less real than I already am but it does mean that I have done an amazing job at soaking in the foreign beliefs of today’s society. In those moments I’ve gained control over what I accepted from my mind as the truth and how those thoughts made me feel.

Fighting Emotions: A Battle Never Won

Have you ever tried to tuck the emotions you were feeling back where they came from? I think of them as emotional visitors knocking on the door and no matter how much I try to ignore them they keep knocking. It’s like a neighbor that knows you’re home and refuses silence as answer of “no I don’t feel like socializing today.”

They only way the knocking will stop (the feeling) is by you answering the door and sitting down with the emotional visitor to talk it out (contemplate on these thoughts). You can’t learn and grow if you aren’t willing to listen to what “you” have to say. Frankly, all we really want is for someone (ourselves) to listen and rationalize what’s occurring.

Ignoring the battle will only put us in the position to lose a lifelong war against ourselves. To be able to live a true rich life means that we must be mentally and emotionally connected to ourselves internally so that our reality won’t reflect our distressful thoughts. We won’t project or reflect our conflicting minds if we are mindfully letting go of destructive thoughts and surpassing damaging emotions.

What are some ways you’ve learned that have helped you let go of your thoughts and understand your emotions? Share in the comments below and make sure that you subscribe.

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