Finding My Inner Child’s Happiness

Finding My Inner Child’s Happiness

The rediscovery of my inner child’s happiness is the only way for me to obtain the rich life I am seeking.

If this is the first post you are reading from my #TrueLife Series I suggest you go back to the beginning here. If you’ve been keeping up with my post once a week then great! I am glad to have you back. Last week I talked about how I plan to obtain a rich life.

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Learning To Let Go

Since then I’ve begin reading a book called, “The Little Book of Letting Go” by Hugh Prather.

I am only 17 pages into the ebook and I’ve already begin to highlight some really good points. So far he has talked about the steps of letting go and examples of when the steps should be used or has been used. In one of his examples, he talks about children and how they are able to let go because they are well connected to their basic nature.

I feel that is where I need to place myself in this life. I need to go back to my basic nature and learn to let go of the things that I can’t change so that I can focus on being at peace with what I can. In order to do this, there are three things that I must let go of: judging, controlling, and being right.

Quote from “The Little Book of Letting Go” by Hugh Prather


In the book that I am reading he listed three steps that can be used to help let go of controlling, judging, or being right:

1. Inspect what’s obstructing you from experiencing wholeness and peace.
2. If you want to move past the obstruction, you need to be sure that you want to.
3. In order to experience your wholeness and peace, you must respond from your whole mind not your conflicted mind.

The Ways I Am Letting Go

This is the point when my mindfulness practice comes in handy. The only way to get back to my basic nature is to be present in every moment so that I can respond to the obstructions in my life from my whole mind. When I brought this thought to the forefront of my mind I learned quickly that it took a lot of energy to respond from a conflicted mind and that I didn’t truly like it.

Social media has been really good practice because it brings about differences in opinions that everyone is entitled to and who am I to control whether or not they change it. I know I am not the only one that scrolls daily and responds either with judgement or the need to be right. I have taken the initiative to step away from these obstructing thoughts by asking myself, “how does this effect me?”

9 times out of 10 it doesn’t effect me so then my response becomes, “Aww okay!” It is at that very moment I choose to move past these obstructing thoughts that I feel whole and at peace. Now on occasion I will find myself in that conflicted state of mind responding to opinions that obstruct my mind.

Even though I slip up at times, I usually go back to give myself a second chance because it’s okay to mess up just as long as I take accountability for myself. I am a true work in progress and being productive is what truly counts right?

At the end of the day I can only do my best!

If you want to check out the book I mention make sure to click on the link above to purchase it. Also let me know in the comments below ways you’ve learned to let go of things in your life.

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