flower dish

flower dish

a self care talk about not being a flower dish and what that means to me. enjoy.

flower dish stock photo

i am not interested in being aesthetically pleasing to my reflection. 

what does that mean?

aesthetics is something that has been programmed into this society fitting us all into this box of standards. i observe this world where these ideas are constantly changing and i am unable to keep up. a moment frozen in time happens in a split second but seems like forever while another moment is just beyond the horizon. i can’t maintain the demands of the hive mind’s expectations. 

aesthetics focus on perfection, this idea that changes depending upon each person and has no basis. i don’t want to be perfect. i want to be peace and feel love. if i fall for perfection, i would be falling for a long time because i would never reach that expectation. the inability to see the beauty in all of my flaws and imperfections would leave me feeling unrecognizable and without a reflection. i would be staring into muddied water or this flower severed from it’s roots looking up at a face that wasn’t my own.

asking… “who am i?”

i don’t want to serve myself on a platter for my energy to be devoured by devices searching for their connection through repetitive projections. i don’t want my life to be taken in order for me to be a flower dish. i will not lose my connection to self, bloom, and lay down my petals to be sucked dry to quench another’s thirst.

i am deeply rooted in my truth and connected to my love. 

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