For Her

For Her

It’s a bittersweet love situation
We use to be good
We felt like sensual jazz and rhythm & blues
Now we stalk in all of our silence
I whipped your flesh and from that pain came your pleasure
The study of the human anatomy and what it says while your mind is racing is my second language
Talk to me
While you converse with her
Rolling, drops of sweat cascade onto the canvas that you’ve never ruined
Ruin her
Empty your indiscretions
Open yourself and drown in all that you’ve become in this moment
Because it is I who won’t condone it
I won’t be her
I won’t be opened and left with a night to remember
Unanswered questions or lies that make your hand on my nature feel so good
I refuse to become desperate
A longing for a soul that was never mine to connect with
I open my hands
Because inside them I molded you for her

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