heart tide

heart tide

a self care talk about experiencing heart tides and what that means to me.

heart tide

trigger warning: anxiety, concepts about death

i have always found the beauty in emoceans. energetic colors illuminating like lights but physically perceived as tides reacting to the dance of their own colors

i am aware my heart expresses powerful emotional energy encouraging positive or negative reactions. this is my truth, yet there are times it is so hard not to drown in the raging storm happening in my body. my lungs are unable to inhale and exhale as my shallow breaths become shorter. death weighs heavy upon me.

all the while i see the colors painting abstract concepts; a lesson.

this is the moment my spirit wakes me, opens my eyes, and reminds me to observe. i can see the truth in the vision as the scene carries on. the illusion dissipating as clarity rings through me like excited joy. this is the opportunity i’ve been preparing to receive. i am acknowledging the pain in this moment while being grateful for another great awakening.

i am choosing to live. i choose to feel, to see, to learn, and to heal. i choose to open myself to the beauty in my beast. i no longer fear the darkness in my waters. i am the goddess of my sea exploring the vast depths of my memories. i embody the duality to experience union with all sides that i have perceived.

i am opening my heart to feel and become aware of all that flows in and out.

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