How Far Will Love Go?

No this is not a poem but a thought for you and I to ponder on. It will probably be a poem or many poems in the future. Who knows!

How far will love go?

I fell in love with someone once, their love was so sweet on me. It was a love that made me weak and courageous at the same time. He was a best friend and lover who gave to me just as much as I gave to him.

And just in that moment, he was my designated soul mate. Our love had a purpose that went far beyond the two of us. Our love gave love a far deeper meaning than I could ever fathom and a guide for what real love was.

When we broke up…oh my god there was this feeling in my soul that reached farther than pain. That decaying feeling in my chest grew and I died. I died, I mourned, and I was reborn.

How could a love that warranted nothing but gave everything be torn from me?

How could a perfection be so imperfect?

With time I learned I was looking at it all wrong! I had been given a gift and in that brief moment our love had shown us both how to put love into ourselves. We learned what love was at it’s greatest and how balanced we could be by allowing love to just flow through us.

I’ve come to accept that this love was not for me to preserve for my own keeping but to experience. I was given an idea of what love could ultimately be. It was more of a vision or an example than a perfect relationship that would be my forever.

So how far will love go…?

It is because we are in a constant state of learning that we are able to grow mind, heart, and spirit. The heart will surpass the mind’s ability to comprehend what’s taking place in order to push pass those boundaries and send a message. Love does hurt but it also loves.

So what may hurt in that very moment may be the perfect lesson for you to pull from in the future.

Let me know what you think. How far do you think love will go?

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