I Am All Things of the Light and Dark

Good morning infinite beings.

I hope you are shining as bright as you possibly can. I wish you love and peace on this Monday morning.

As we ease into the afternoon and you find yourself taking a break I ask that you contemplate on everything you are. Make a list of affirming beliefs about yourself starting with “I Am”… and repeat them to yourself.

Now your subconscious mind can begin to integrate these positive affirmations into your very existence.

Now that I have spoken on affirming new beliefs about self I think I should also bring to your awareness that your darkness is not bad or wrong. The things done in the dark was simply done to teach you that sometimes you may fall and in the moment of being broken you found your strength again. Not to say that you lost it but maybe you couldn’t see because of the blinding illusions that have presented themselves in your life.

You lifted the veil. Congratulations.

The deep rest (depression) you may experience doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you need to take this time to go deep and heal. Social norms causes a major conflict in successfully balancing your spirit, temple, and heart so a lot of you may experience contradicting feelings that deepen within.

The more you resist the greater the urge to find an outlet that will allow you the space and time to breathe.

I experience this myself, sometimes it’s due to my own inability to slow down and I make irreversible mistakes that deepens my sadness. Other times social norms or family life causes for me to go..go..go until I just tap out and literally can’t go anymore.

I know I need balance.

I know I need to breathe.

I know I need to write.

So let this post inspire you to slow down, take a second, breathe, taste your lunch, and absorb the Ki around you.

If you didn’t already know, some really amazing women and I are challenging all beings across the net to participate in changing the verbiage and focus of self…yo self into more positive and self loving affirmations.

I encourage you to join us on this journey via IG and you can checkout the deets below. Make sure you follow me while you’re there!

Good morning infinite beings I am grateful to be given this amazing opportunity to be apart of the self-awareness #challenge and #giveaway created by a very kind soul. – ❤️The #IAmChallenge is a self-love and #awareness challenge, meant to change the verbiage we use to identify ourselves. Flowing with Aries’ mantra “IAm” and energy of new beginnings, we’ll bring focus to celebrating all that we KNOW ourselves to be☺️. – 💕The challenge begins April 1, 2018-April 7, 2018💕. Each day will be a new #mantra staring with #IAm. 👉🏽HOSTED BY MYSELF AND and the beautiful energies of @sunflowerlovaa @asyadomique @refeeltribe @flowismarz @hiikai_, and @leafmealoe – 👈🏽 TO ENTER: 🌻Follow all (7) hosts 🌻repost the flyer with the #IAmChallenge hashtag 🌻Participate in all seven days of the challenge beginning April 1-April 7.(include challenge hashtag in the post) – 💕(7) #winners will be chosen and announced on Sunday April 8, 2018 ☺️❤️ Gratitude and love to you all! My heart is filled with excitement for all of our growth😊. – Don’t forget to tag your friends 👫👭👬 – Infinite Love 🖖🏼 Shan Bae 💛 #IAMCHALLENGE #GIVEAWAY #GIVEAWAYS #WIN #SELF #SELFAWARENESS #AWARENESS #IDENTITY #SELFLOVE #SELFLOVECHALLENGE #SELFCARE #COMMUNITY #SUPPORT #HEALING #RELEASE #GROWTH #ARIES #APRIL #SPRING #NEWBEGINNING #LOVE #ELEVATION #MOTIVATION

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Infinite Love 🖖🏼


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