i am conscious

a man silhouette in a veil

reverence they said
bounded by deep respect
a hierarchy of humans
conceptual levels of honor
grounded in age, status, and class
i was a child stripped of autonomy
learning that sovereignty was earned when care for self was put last
my boundaries and mumbles of distain hushed by 5 foot beings with traumas that bantered in unrest
their unruly inner children shape shifted like shadows when my light began to bend
my illuminances could not be contained
my presence was a trigger that fired bullets they failed to interpret
stuck under a veil i dreamed of wearing less 
i became accustomed to the silhouettes of shape shifting incarnates misunderstanding my consciousness
my inner child stifled in muffled silence
a promise i could never break is a chance to self governor veilless 
a declaration my unruly inner child has made

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