i am seeking salvation

photograph of the front side of a church building in black and white shot by matthew webb

this is a collaboration between myself and matthew webb (photographer).

seeking salvation
my godless attempts of reconciling the edges of my openings
the spaces where they tore into me
have spread into my essence
the darkness crawls beneath my skin
antagonizing scar tissue
setting flame to the health i once had
i call to it but it never answers
i’ve gone mad 
only scratching at the surface
there is something lurking 
i can feel what they have done
reliving accounts of gouged gore and flesh
screams echoing
a painful unrest
gaping pits of endless blackness
contaminating my blood stream
an internal boiling
a feverish hell
i can’t take anymore of this
corrupting my nervous system
wicking the light from within
tunneling vision
erasure of my senses
an unsightly diminishing terror
collapsing into insidious conquest

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