I Wish For Someone To Love You

I Wish For Someone To Love You

I love me the way he desires the art of the petals hidden in my garden

Flourishing between my hips

But with a defining sense of who I am

I see more of his need of me in him than his desire to grow for self

He’s so eager to be reborn

Fascinated with my portal

But refuses to feel the love in life

Verses the reactive chemicals charging in his mind

Exploding in his genitals

Inside of me misguided without light in my darkness

Feeling my pain

Reopening old wounds

Killing me softly with your curiosity

Taking parts of me to mask you

Sounds to me you don’t even love you

But you feel the urge to whisper “I love you”


My heart?

Because you have evaded and drained my blood

There’s no more pumping for my life

I live for you

He loves me the way I desire for someone else to love him

Draining him between his hips

With no plans on giving love but taking his apart


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