july trinity reading

july trinity reading

welcome to july! in this month’s trinity reading, i will be using the galactic oracle deck to connect with the universe to understand what is happening with our mind, body, and spirit. i will include keywords, readings, numerology, and astrology for the reading.

collective readings are a gifted offering for those of whom are open to receiving. i ask for no monetary gains from what i have to give. however if you feel moved by my offering and would like to support my efforts you are welcome to click or tap the button below to pay the love forward. thanks!

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i surrender

i give myself to the galloping waves 

the winds of the sea

visions of my dreams

wakeful ambitions

inspiring my movements 

but that’s not where the current will take me

july trinity reading spread galactic oracle deck


take a leap of faith

  • believe
  • security
  • knowing

you know that the outcome of your experience is not always in your control. learn to step away from exacting the plan and just observe. let the change flow in the way it was meant to and detach from your own vision.

this outcome is on divine timing for your highest self.

astrology: water

numerology: 19, 8


be still. be silent. be aware.

  • stop
  • observe
  • see

your may feel that you need to be in motion right now, taking some kind of action but that’s counterintuitive at this time. stop all external dealings, observe the circumstances with detachment in mind and see the bigger picture. what is being asked of you is to remain focused on the internal alignment of your external requests. 

astrology: air

numerology: 1


your vibe attracts your tribe

  • flow
  • jellyfish
  • bubbles

you are a bubble. you can make noises but you are choosing silence. you are observing your growth and success internally. enjoying every bit of it without the negativity of others. maybe your defined experience is more like a jellyfish. you are flowing with the universe allowing nature to nurture you. this is a time of balance and stillness to align with your best self to invite vibes that resonate with the energy you are exuding. 

trust your heart and your intuition.

astrology: water & air

numerology: 26, 8


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