june trinity reading

june trinity reading

welcome to june! in this month’s trinity reading, i will be using the galactic oracle deck to connect with the universe to understand what is happening with our mind, body, and spirit. i will include keywords, readings, numerology, and astrology for the reading.

collective readings are a gifted offering for those of whom are open to receiving. i ask for no monetary gains from what i have to give. however if you feel moved by my offering and would like to support my efforts you are welcome to click or tap the button below to pay the love forward. thanks!

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just be


in the quiet mind

liberate your spirit

disconnect from distractions 

gut listens to sound like ears

body answers the call to feel

love flows in abundance

celebrating with joy

messages without words

voices we no longer hear

aural hugs 

guidance from beyond

exchanged for our regards

june trinity reading by shan bae


pay attention to your intuition

  • gut 
  • listen
  • distractions

your intuition is sending messages, are you too busy thinking to listen? turn down the distractions, observe the thoughts as they attune to the silence, and listen to the feelings. these messages can be the guidance you need to navigate life.

astrology: air

numerology: 28, 10, 1


gratitude. gratitude. gratitude.

  • celebrate
  • love 
  • joy

take some time to recognize the gifts and lessons you are receiving. writing these things down can create a connection in your mind to a positive outlook in regard to the things that have triggered negative feelings within you.

this is just a gentle reminder to find love in even the toughest moments.

astrology: earth

numerology: 11, 2


connect with your ancestors

  • call
  • intuition
  • messages

connecting with your ancestors is an amazing way to show gratitude for all that you have experienced and received. the more you show up for them with offerings and clear yourself of distractions, the more clarity you gain from their guiding messages. with any lesson you are experiencing in life your ancestors can help you to heal on your journey. 

so remember calling on them for help is a beautiful thing but don’t forget to say thank you. 

astrology: water

numerology: 12, 3



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