photograph of statue head broken off laying on a table shot by peter chiykowski

you stole from me my sexuality
orange butterflies fluttering freely kept in a mason jar
arms down and no shaking of the ass I stood in line for
i wanted to let the vibes from the music make love to my torso, my hips, and thighs
but you tore from me my sensuality
my desire to be in love with energy I could make
i felt the fire burn inside of me
itching to be unlocked and set free
taking to the sky on a high my womanhood left my body with a blind eye
my spirit crumbled in my moment
because the fear instilled in my water blocked the flow of my wave
unplugged by a cork with no soul
i laid down for this
i laid down to feel emptiness
instead of your guidance I was placed in a dark room to find my way around
i found the devil’s nature
enticed by a spell that still haunts me
no matter how far I go he is my darkness
he follows me

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