Long Sleeves

I wanted you to open my hands
And slip into the heart I loosely wear on my sleeves
Undress me and breathe in my nudity
Pull apart the intimate layers
Cut into me deep
Absorb my vulnerability to pour in what is yours to take
Strengthen my soul and weaken my body
Uncover the impulses for the fire we make
Chaotically in love and irradicating fears
Drown out past sorrows
Step into the world of the woman you admire
Fall into my eyes and give me insight
Let’s evade weary thoughts for this love of mine
Living a nostalgic dream of true love and passion
A dream dreamt for some time
Pulling the facade that cloaks the beauty of my madness
Beneath you sleeveless
Seep into my flesh
Become one
Escape into this heart of mine

Shan Bae Signature


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