Love and Obedience

Tender as the first kiss, my heart struggles to keep from falling into pieces

I fell into pieces

I told myself not to go there but the questions rang in my thoughts as if someone was calling

With my phone near, you knew I would always answer

And every time it was you

You were the one that reminded me why I questioned everything

Why I needed to see for myself who this person must be

You made me feel nervous and courageous

I fell weak off your strength

Your love was kryptonite

An extraterrestrial force entering my earth manipulating my atmosphere

I found I couldn’t breathe here

The way you loved me was nothing more than your selfish need to smother my needs

I was your opportunity to feel

To be loved in the way you could never love yourself

I embraced every command even though your love is what I was craving

You told me I was yours and this was all I needed

It sounded sweet

But I know your ego meant this literally

I was yours

Your love was never for me

You made me feel nonexistent

Loving you obediently

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