Love In December

Love In December

There is something for everyone here 

The love is in the air 

Can you feel it

See it 

Visually appealing to the peering eyes of mine

I want to know it 

No I want it to know me 

Love remembers the fine details of my smallest movements like it records me in my very own stop motion film 

Just to go back and look at every part of me once again

Love is to know how to paint me inside out and I am to remain a statue for it to reference 

My reflection looking something like a flower that has blossomed in the vernal equinox 

My stamen eager to meet the bee that greets me 

I give to him my pollen so that we can make honey 

Honey that’s as sweet as the love we made in March

We are now in November 

Something like 9 months but not really

We admire our two halves used to create an artful masterpiece 

Filling hearts like cups with overwhelming love that can only be relieved by hugs that don’t stop

We will call you Paradox 

Love’s oxymoron

A star in scorpius constellation 

It glistens with a light that will reflect for all to see 

The inspiration love and I created in a universe for you and me


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