may trinity reading

may trinity reading

welcome to may! in this month’s trinity reading, i will be using the galactic oracle deck to connect with the universe to learn about what is happening with our mind, body, and spirit. i will include keywords, readings, activities, numerology, and astrology for the reading.

collective readings are a gifted offering for those of whom are open to receiving. i ask for no monetary gains from what i have to give. however if you feel moved by my offering and would like to support my efforts you are welcome to click or tap the button below to pay the love forward. thanks!

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in the eyes of the child

i am filled with love

a love without motivation

no intention other than to exist

a fire churning endlessly

it never begun it just is

it will never end

buried beneath 



commitments disguised as invitations with blankets

here cover your childlike desires with this

weighted down by clutter that was gifted with a twist

all that love lost beneath the things i remiss 

galactic oracle deck by palmistry


focus on your passion

  • desire
  • fire
  • burn

go back to the days in your memory when everything was simple. remember how easy it was to find love in the mundane and how your sovereignty allowed your mind to be swept away by your passions. 

what was the desire that burned like a fire within? where has it gone?

astrology: fire

numerology: 18, 9


appreciate the process

you know where you want to be and you see it like a photograph in your hand. it’s almost like it’s right there and all you have to do is step into the image. if you know it exists for you, why rush? this is the moment you are able to calm your body, activate patience in your mind, and let your spirit be present. there is work to be done and you don’t want to miss any of it.

astrology: water

numerology: 10,1


what reality are you creating today?

what do you want really? outside of the negative thoughts and limitations, what do you wish to experience in reality? do you understand the depth of your passion and recognize the process needed to arrive in the moment you wish to manifest? 

today, in the now, you must be present and aware of the steps you need to take in order to reach the goal that will create the reality you desire.

so ask yourself…

  • what am i passionate about?
  • how can i apply this in my everyday life?
  • what do i need to experience in order to manifest this into existence?
  • what can i do today to contribute to the outcome of my goal?



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