may’s sun reading

may’s sun reading

may’s sun reading is now available. take what you need leave what doesn’t belong to you.

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  • magnitude
  • lift
  • reach
  • go
  • beyond
  • top
  • gradually
  • unite

the magnitude of love
lifts life into bloom
to reach an affluent energy
an influence going beyond what is seen
tops with petals that dance with grace
gradual expressions of gratitude
uniting spirit in a single space


life is like a flower; dancing into a full bloom expressing its true colors.

there is beauty that exist in the chaos of growth. how will you observe your experience moment by moment? can you observe the beauty or are you pressed to place judgement on the chaos? you have the power to illuminate the unknown and ask questions to gain clarity. there is no wrong or right way but a simple path of mistakes and learning. the questions you should always ask is…

what did i learn from this experience?

how can i do better the next time?

opening your heart to navigate the unknown will magnify the messages you receive. this, in a sense will lift you above everything that is going on so that you can see the bigger picture to understand why everything is playing out the way it is. this won’t be a fight to reach for what you want but a journey to discovering more of who you are while achieving your goals. you will go beyond what you desire and have the confidence that you need to pull it off.

what are you doing that is causing resistance?

how can you open yourself to go with the flow?

this will never be a quick process and sometimes can gradually carry out until you have acquired all the knowledge that you need. take notice to everything around you and how it may help you to understand your experience better. this is not a lifetime of pain but a moment of growth followed by another one. you are blooming into something beautiful…don’t stand in front of the sun or forget to water yourself. take time to replenish your needs and be kind to you.

do your best as your best is always good enough!

here are some books that you can read to help you along your journey:

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