Minimalism: Purge, Eco-Friendly Alternatives, and More

I know that I have been really heavy in the mental aspect of #TrueLife but changing my mindset is very important when it comes to achieving this goal. When I think about practicing minimalism to obtain a true rich life I know that it is a process that starts from within. The transition to reaching this goal has been an eye opening and humbling experience.

Today I want to share with you an update on my own personal journey and give you my perspective on how things could possibly go for you. When I am looking for ideas or some guidance these are the types of post I enjoy reading the most because it gives me insight on what I can do better. I hope that what I have experienced and learned thus far can help you on your journey.


A purge every once in awhile has always been something that I have done. I was aware that I was doing it but I wasn’t connected to the why and it seemed more sporadic than planned. The same way material things were coming into my house was the exact same way they were leaving.

This happened with clothing more than anything because clothing was flowing in and out in abundance. I got use to “that feeling”, those feel good hormones rewarding me every time I bought something that I liked and when I donated clothing to someone who needed it. Now when I think about what I was doing, I know that it was selfish of me to make myself feel better by saying “oh I am helping someone in need”.

Even though donating is better than sending it to the landfill, my intent to help was only there because it made me feel good. I reassured the flaws of my fantasy self and built a toxic relationship with meaningless materials I never needed in the first place. Not to mention how much I was contributing to waste by just buying more than I needed.

That alone is the very reason why I needed to get my mind right before trying to change these habits. Before even reaching this point in my life I didn’t know I was going to end up here; writing about how to live my truest, richest life by having less. I had no idea that going to therapy to talk about what was underneath it all would lead me this far.

I guess I can truly say that breaking down those walls and dealing with old wounds has brought me to this point. I am now ready to walk in my own light and remove all of this baggage. I can let go of all those things that I thought I needed to be happy and focus on putting my energy into what my happiness can bring to me.

When I posted “Saying Goodbye to Fantasy Her” and “My Plan to Obtain a Rich Life” I talked about how I have been getting rid of things that don’t resonate with my real self. The material things that stand out the most to me is my clothing and at that time I had already went through a purge. Just the other night I was up late going through thoughts that were coming to me like a back and forth conversation.

My closet door was open and I could see my clothing just sitting there. I am looking at everything and I just have this thought come to me like it is time to purge. Self says, “You have too many items that you can’t fit, same styles with different colors, and things you know you are not going to wear so just give it up.”

I just took a moment to breathe in this thought and felt that it was true. So I got up and begin to go through my clothing looking at everything that I mentioned above. When I got done, I had a basket full of clothes ready to leave my house and had this feeling of contentment.

This time the feeling that I felt didn’t come from that selfish place but a place of peace and wholeness. A place where I did what I needed to do in order to live in abundance mentally. I am letting go of the things that temporarily made me happy during the times I needed to escape.

I am one step closer to my real self.

Since my family and I moved from a townhouse to an apartment we have minimized what we own. We had to do this before leaving our townhome and then after we moved in. So as a family we really do not own a lot of unnecessary material things except for certain things like TVs.

We are in the process of replacing the things that we lost during the move and items that we have donated for eco friendly alternatives. For instance, I decided to cloth diaper my two year old with two diaper covers, five flour sack towels, and strips of an old flannel blanket. It took us a week to adjust and maybe a month to get her fully potty trained.

Instead of buying diapers we were able to use that money for other things and help the planet by producing less waste. Cloth diapering has been a wonderful introduction to zero waste and has given my family a tad bit more financial freedom in the long run. I am working on other ways to produce less waste and spending more money upfront on reusable items so in the long run we save money.

I’ve completely stopped using napkins or paper towels and replaced them with wash cloths. I use Dr Bronner’s for everything from body wash to cleaning spray. I also stopped buying notebooks for my own personal use and I am using a paid app called Goodnotes for all my journaling needs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on how I am minimizing our expenses and increasing our experience.

New Year, New Downsize

I mentioned above that we moved into an apartment after living in a townhome but honestly we don’t even need this apartment size for the amount we are paying. So we are planning to buy a mobile home at a near by park for half the price we pay monthly for our apartment. At the moment we can’t enjoy where we are living because it demands so much of our money.

We should never feel forced to sustain an expectation of others in order to live life. The reoccurring idea is that when your family grows you need more space but in reality you don’t need all of the space we are told we should have. Kids really don’t care about space until it becomes a thing they are taught.

Well at least that’s what I see from my kids.

Buying a mobile home with a lower monthly mortgage will give us a lot more financial freedom to pay off debt and travel. As we’ve talked about this plan more things have happened to show us this is what we need to do next. Our minimalism lifestyle is slowly preparing us for our next move in life.

The more I give up the more I am shown how much of a rich life I can truly have. The upsets that have happened over the course of the year has given me so much motivation to let go. I am holding myself responsible for my own happiness and experiences in life.

If I want better, I must do better.

Are you setting long term goals for a richer life? How have you began to achieve these goals? Let me know in the comments below.

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