Monthly Reading: March

Monthly Reading: March

This month is about focusing on being mindful of the thoughts that you are creating and how it is manifesting in reality. In this post, I am sharing an affirmation, the reading for the month, and 3 activities that you can do to support your healing.

Galactic Oracle Deck


I am mindful of the thoughts that I accept and how they manifest into my reality. I am holding myself accountable and trusting my intuition. I believe that the universe will reveal all in divine timing.” – Shan Bae

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“What reality are you creating today?”

  • Present
  • Creation 
  • Positive

You may find your mind in a not so good space and that kind of energy is not beneficial in manifesting what you want. Stay conscious of your thoughts and shift your use of energy towards positive outcomes. The creation of your reality is dependent of your mind so keep this in mind.

Numerology: 22, 4

Astrology: Air Signs


Start your day off with streamline journaling (a massive brain dump) in the morning. Hold nothing back! Once you are finished, write down affirmations that dissolve the negative thoughts that you expelled onto paper.

You’ve released the negativity but don’t leave a gaping hole. Instead feed yourself positive thoughts in place of what was removed.


“Connect with your divine masculine.”

  • Workout
  • Discipline
  • Confidence

Now with all those negative thoughts thrown away, it is now time to get active and become confident. If you’ve been putting off working out lately, then know that spirit is calling on you to create a realistic workout schedule and hold yourself accountable for your lack of discipline. It’s time to get moving!

Numerology: 31, 4

Astrology: Fire & Earth Signs


If you are struggling with showing up during your set workout time, you may need to change your plan and a develop a new mindset. Using the baseline minimum concept can help you build a realistic workout plan that you won’t feel overwhelmed by. 

Here’s how to do it…

  • Start out with a minimum timeframe

e.g. I will workout every weekday for 5 minutes

  • During the workout push for longer or stop

e.g I have done my 5 minute workout but I can do another 5 minutes.

  • Revise your workout after a month

e.g I have worked out for 5 minutes everyday for a month but most days have been longer than others. I think I can change it to 10 minutes a day now.


“Take a leap of faith! Trust.”

  • Trust
  • Intuition
  • Flexibility

When all is said and done, all you can do is let go to flow with the universe. There are moments in our lives that are completely out of our control that we are meant to observe and learn from. Trust that your intuition will guide you through whatever is ahead and that the Universe reveals all that is with divine timing.

Numerology: 19, 10, 1

Astrology: Air Signs


The feeling of life being out of your control can be daunting but I assure you everything will be okay and you will have a greater understanding once all is done. Take this time to find peace through self regulation and resting. 

Here are some things you can do…

  • Meditation: Take a walk in nature
  • Journal Prompt: In what ways can you be flexible during this time?
  • Art: Draw/paint a picture of what you see when you close your eyes. Release that image and feelings onto paper. 



The Galactic Oracle is a 33-Card deck used to bring the focus back to the present moment by giving you prompts of intentional thinking as well encouraging you to think or dig deeper. (click image to read more)

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