Created By: Shan Bae

Self Love: My Definition of Love

 What is love?

I never really thought about what defines love for me but I sought after what I saw on tv or I understood if it didn’t come from love then it wasn’t good for me.

I was searching for a feeling to translate into words. I thought it was in a secret location waiting for me to find it. I never realized love was my home until I reached a defining moment in my life. Love’s secret location was self.I hope this post inspires you or gives you clarification on a question you may have been asking yourself. I came across a woman on twitter who calls herself mama moon who was giving away her self-love workbook to those who subscribed to her website’s newsletter.

Again, I am just putting my thoughts out there into the universe as an open journal to simply share.

I. What is My Definition of Love?

My definition of love is self. My essential being is the foundation of love because it begins and ends with me; for me. If I love myself, I am capable of reflecting that love onto others. We are all one. We are all connected. We all share to experience this love that is a divine introspection of self.


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