My Peace In Our War

My Peace In Our War

My eyes now considered a foreign invasion to my body

Tears will not help the chaos

Blankets of sand stretching for miles

My cheek bones pressed against natures cover

An abrasive texture but not for wiping away fear

But I lay here

Waiting as metal death threats with select targets whisk pass my ears

Striking comrades

Muffled voices howling to the moon like wolves in the night

And I lay here

The burning of flesh whiffs pass my nose and I mourn

Nothing but emptiness to grip to

My body a distant memory

Somehow, I have misplaced the sensation of life flowing through me

Metallic iron bubbling in my throat like acid from GERD

My tongue colored red with my own paint

My eyes fixated on blue skies floating on white clouds

Calm in the storm 

Commotion fades

And so, I lay here


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