my perfect day

a mom and kid by wesley mc lachlan

to rise in the morning
sunshine on my face
a space to be; meditate
a cup of tea
warm familiarity
self care
a clean start
giving me the best of me
honey dos and list I choose
a break to breathe
some time to play
flow to create
a meal to feed my mind
organize the clutter 
widen my space
free of anxious worries
embrace the faces I’ve come to make
listen to their stories and laugh
we may
days that are productive or moments that frustrates
listening with intention to give but not take
nurturing arms
brighten smiles
tales of friends
discovering who they are
down time to prepare a meal for small bellies
cooking the things they’ll probably waste
clearing the table
freedom to play
bath time brings relaxed bodies
in the bed now they lay

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