My Plan To Obtain A Rich Life

Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.Paramahansa Yogananda

Last week I wrote a post about what I wanted to be rich in, a tweet inspired post that I felt necessary to write about. I sought out the proper definition for the context of the word “rich” and elaborated on what that meant to me. I think the definitions that were listed really represented what I was feeling.

Rich: To Live Abundant and Interesting Life Full of Diversity and ComplexityThe definition of rich that described what I am looking for.

I talked a lot about what I was feeling and how that was affecting my life. Now that I have put my feelings into perspective, I thought I would take some time to talk about my plans to obtain a rich life based on my definition. The plan I create for my own life may not be what could help you in your life and that’s okay but be open to make changes to your life as you see fit.

My Plan

The first…

…thing that I needed to do was to clear out unwanted behaviors that were no longer welcome so that I could figure out who I was and what I wanted. This has been a serious process and I feel like I have finally gotten to the point where now I am making more sense to me. I am an avid believer in therapy because of this and I know I wouldn’t be here in this productive space if it wasn’t for my therapist.

The best thing that you can do to help yourself is find a professional that can help you create a plan that works for you. So you can get this type of help from a therapist, life coach, or counselor. Make sure you find someone that you feel comfortable with and that you trust because without those two things you won’t get the best out your sessions.

The second…

…thing I needed to do was to separate my fantasy self from my real self and you can read more about that here. I learned that my fantasy self had taken over my life and I thought that I wanted all of those things that fit my fantasy lifestyle but clearly I don’t. Once I realized that I was living a lie it became so much easier for me to detach from the material things I wasn’t using.

I have donated clothing from my closet that had tags on them and things that I have only worn once. I’ve also given away duplicate items that were either the same or different colors. I know…I know…I know I had serious issues and I am constantly like what the heck dude.

If you are having a hard time separating your real self from your fantasy self, I suggest that you sit down and think about what you actually utilize everyday versus what draws you in when you are shopping. Check out the example of my real and fantasy selves below. They are literally nothing alike and yet here they are co-existing. Haha.

Real self vs Fantasy self

The third…

…thing that I had to do to ensure that the first and second thing didn’t happen in vain is put my all into practicing minimalism. Now this lifestyle may not be for you but I think it’s very healthy for me mentally and financially. I have made a lot of changes to my household that will help keep me in this clean, clear, and organized state of mind so that I will not return to old habits.

Old habits are dying hard.

Now I know for some the minimalistic lifestyle that you see from various different people may not be your cup of tea but that doesn’t mean that minimalism will be the same for you. If you are needing a fresh start and could really use the discipline for financial reasons I think this would be a great start. I know for fact that my minimalism doesn’t look the same as the people that I am learning from but I am gradually making it my own.

The fourth…

…that my family and I will be doing is downsizing our living space. More than half of our income goes into our rent and bills to maintain this living space. Living like this has caused a lot of tension and I will cannot say that it is good for us mentally.

Some people that I have mentioned my plan to believe that we need more space because we have 5 children but as the stay at a home parent I know for fact we do not. I do not believe that an excessive amount of living space is necessary to ensure that my children are happy. I am certain that the smaller space that we find will free us financially; release some of our tension; give our children more; and make our family happier.

As long as they are never stagnant and on a constant adventure through life they are content. Children are the innocent beings of our world and the have a special connection with the source in which they remind us everyday what’s really important. They truly do not see the value in money and are free of the restraints that it has on us adults.

I believe that we all need to find our inner childlike happiness that once lit up our eyes.

As my plans progress and begin to take shape I will share more about our journey to true life happiness. As I let go of this thought on conforming to societies standards and open myself to being free to live a true life, the more motivation to run to freedom pours in. My plan may not be extremely detailed and thorough now but it’s a start and from there I will gain a greater perspective.

It’s your turn! Let me how you are obtaining your rich life in the comments below. I am always open to tips and discussions so don’t hesitate to speak your mind.


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