Omitted in A Sea of Words

Omitted in A Sea of Words

Bound to a spine are the leafs that I have chosen to construe. On the cover, the title is embossed with a sandpaper texture that catches between my fingers. The stock bound to the cover was the perfect weight fluttering in my hand with grace as I turned each page.

Enveloped in the words I found myself painting a picture as if I were there. I was swathed in every emotion that I could feel and I wore them on my sleeves. I’m wandering in my subconscious asking “what ifs” and “why nots” in this place of silence that is filled with my thoughts.

In the darkness, there are echoes that never stop and intrusive thoughts; both noisy and silent. There are too many windows open for me to see what lies behind them to view. My conscious is clouded and my mind is distracted.

I look up!

Darkness surrounds me and in harmony, the thoughts sing a beautiful ballad of silence. The soft whispers of serendipity in the shadows echoing from each corner of my mind.

For a moment I bask in peace only to be jolted by a sudden thought of “What time is it?”

As the layers of my room peel back to reveal the darkened rows of bookshelves, I have come to realize that I am alone in the library.


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