I know you from a past life

You’re a familiar soul with a name I can never think of

But when I looked into those eyes I saw a million lifetimes of love

Your name means more to me than I will ever know

But my feelings are growing more for you

You are all I want to know

You are all I feel

But I can’t manage to grasp you

Even though you are what I wish to sense in a physical way

I can’t get my hands to grab ahold of what makes you, you

I envision our spirits entangling in euphoric tingly sensations

Vibrations humming through our bodies like purring cats cuddled in what seemingly appears to be peace

Can I have a piece

A slice of life that taste like happiness

Appease me with your inner beauty

Please these reoccurring thoughts with me as a thought in your mind

Can we spend some time drifting in and out of what we call our fantasy

Chasing each other as stars in the sky

Can I runaway with you

Liberated in all that we are

Minimizing our distance until we’re one



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