orange diamond

orange diamond

“i am a powerful diamond; an introspection of perfected unity living in serenity. a clear vision of feminine beauty shining for all to see.”

shan bae

what are my core values? how does having core values assist in the betterment of self?

I am a practicing eco-minimalist but I still purchase things that bring value to my life and family. I only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

in the vast darkness of my subconscious, i laid bare staring up at the sliver of light shining above me and i wondered, “could i ever be that beautiful?”. i danced around in many faces trying to mask the pain that would slip from my grasps and cut at their flesh. their screams echo through my body and it cringes at every moment that their distaste for my pain became my internal nightmare. i became their puppet to frolic and fawn in the world that was never made with me in mind. i woke from a disassociated state alone in the darkness that had swallowed me for decades or what seemed like a lifetime and found myself reaching for my own light.

i have awakened from my slumber counting my own stars not knowing how to embody my own light.

it is when i opened my heart i saw in my minds eye who i was and what i valued most of all. the raging force of my emoceans no longer stifled me but instead filled me with warmth. we lived and expressed in creative harmony; flowing in a continuous movement as energy should. i became the water and the sun inspiring the growth that i always craved and life that i saw everyone living. i am the inspiration that stimulates positive energy and uplifts the self that seemed to be buried beneath the rubble staggered in my mind. 

it is now that i have connected to my truth. where i have always been but i just couldn’t recognize the value in my own light.

there are moments that i find myself craving the ease of disappearing into the darkness that i was but i won’t. everyday i fight to understand who i am and what my values are by living and learning. i embrace the mistakes as lessons that come with life achievements and i stay to play until those moments are all unlocked for me. i will not give up on myself because i deserve more than a dark hole, empty wishes, and gut wrenching loneliness. i am love and love should be in a constant state of expression.

so i will not hide away but instead find gratitude in every moment my light is seen…by me.


today i am grateful for my compassion (ahimsa). today i grateful for my commitment to truth (satya). today i am grateful for diminishing feeling of greediness and lack (asetya). today i am grateful for my ability to use my energy for intentional goodness (brahmacharya). today i am grateful for my practice of letting go (aparigraha). 


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