Day Twenty Six: Next Lifetime

I will meet you there

Bare back facing the sun

Bearing the fruits of your loins Continue reading Day Twenty Six: Next Lifetime


12.1 Chakra Oracle Reading

I am now stepping into my one week cleanse for my reiki attunement and I am taking this opportunity to work with my new set of chakra oracle cards to guide my meditation.

I purchased them some weeks ago but I am just now peeling back the plastic and getting acquainted with them. When they arrived I opened them to read the beginning of the book but then I decided to put them aside for this moment specifically to use them for this week before my attunement. Continue reading 12.1 Chakra Oracle Reading

Perception of Greener Grass

A written collaboration between myself and a friend of mine Rashid M Bey.

The mental impression of greener grass on the other side is just the perception that you may have at the time

Nothing is really made to perfection

That thought is only in your mind Continue reading Perception of Greener Grass