I love the way music feels on my skin

Goosebumps rise when I hear it

This is what I needed to hear

This is what I needed to feel

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Omitted in A Sea of Words

Bound to a spine are the leafs that I have chosen to construe. On the cover, the title is embossed with a sandpaper texture that catches between my fingers. The stock bound to the cover was the perfect weight fluttering in my hand with grace as I turned each page.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Love Song for Yourself

As I lay here in excitement about sharing this magic with you I see my favorite numbers…11:11. The universe is sending me messages affirming the positivity in the message that will be brought to you.

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Coffee Bean

It was on that Sunday morning we shared our stories on our lips with one another

Our chins could feel the warmth of the steam ascend until we had no more words to give

His lips tasted like the coffee in my cup

He was my coffee bean dream and I was his vanilla sky 

Our existence created an aroma we ourselves could not resist 

I need not society’s painted imagery of what my romeo should be 

Because there was nothing greater than this man and his imperfections

He was perfect for me 

i rested my head on his shoulder and embraced his arm that cradled me 

as i sipped our destiny