Para Love’s Dox

I feel a million things

From you

I give a million things

To you

If I could I would give you all of me

I’ve been given everything

Every word unspoken lays gently on my heart like rose petals

You whisper o’love

And I become the echo of your words vibrating endlessly

I can feel this thing

A familiarity in you

An energy that I’ve known that’s been lost for some time

Euphoric how I can look in your eyes and find what I’ve always been missing

I’d bloom for you

Open like a flower that you’ve found in a bed of a million

Fearlessly in your eyes

But at the same time…

I’d fear your pain ripping my heart to shreds

It’s already broken in a way

And how I am feeling has me too high in the sky above the clouds drifting for me to fall and survive

I would die from falling in love with you

They say all things come to an end

But I would hate to lose the beginning to an end of devastation

I fear that there’s a limit when this has felt limitless

But here I am without hesitation

Trying to profess all of this

Risking the pain for the fall

Hoping you would catch me in time

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