a collection of photos shot through exploration and experimentation to capture still poetic images.

photo of parking lot from above raining and lights
photo of apartment building raining power lines cloudy skies black and white
photo peering behind brick wall sky blurs behind blue skies and buildings in distance
photo of parking lot blur with bokeh lights black and white image through window
photo of bokeh lights effect tree raining power lines black and white baseball field in distance
photo of window with rain brick wall peering above parking lot black and white
photo bird silhouette on power line with cloudy blue skies behind
photo of blurred brick wall and focused background of buildings and soccer goal
photo of locks on love lock bridge at riverfront missouri
photo of pier at love lock bridge in riverfront missouri black and white
photo of broken stairs at riverfront missouri black and white missouri river
photo of field of grass with factory lofts behind color riverfront missouri river
photo of yellow flowers near brick building color
photo of close up of yellow and red flower color
photo of close up yellow flower in bloom outside color