i am giving birth to collections of art with vibrant visuals + emoceans embedded in the depths of the shadow. i am creating light from my darkness to inspire high vibrational healing. the stories that i share are a magnified depiction of my experiences, validation of my emoceans, and the alchemy that i embodied to become the healer that i am.


set systems

that will help you to achieve goals

i designed this life guide workbook with the intention on creating an effective plan that would give me the focus and clarity i needed to fulfill my purpose. this guidebook has helped me to achieve a few goals in just a short period of time as well as stay focus on the current tasks leading up to my bigger goals.

i was inspired to create a physical layout of this system by the family and friends around me who inquired about setting goals, business plans, and homeschooling. i have shared this with them in hopes that it helps them to be their best self and manifest the success they desire.

i am offering you the same workbook as a free pdf download. you can print this out to write on or use this in a program like goodnotes to digitally write on the pdf.

if you enjoy this workbook and you find that it is helps you, please consider sending a donation. leave a review below by clicking the feedback button to share your experience with myself and others.

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gratitude being.


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