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I Am the Cup Filled with My Love (Alternate)
I. I Am the Cup Filled with My Love (Alternate)
I Am the Cup Filled with My Love
I am very much into self-love and empowering women to love on themselves more than ever. I want to send a message through imagery on where the source of eternal love comes from by reminding women like myself that “I Am the Cup Filled with My Love”. Quote By: Shan Bae
15, the Girl in the Void
She was created to portray the visuals of a character in one of my daydream stories that I wrote. You can purchase this design as a poster here.
Jss Ambyance
I created this piece for my sister in hopes that it would cheer her up. I also wanted to work with a familiar face and a different image to play with the final outcome.
Empathetic to Her Perception
I wanted a nice logo that represented my brand and how abstract I am when it comes to my mind. I think outside the box and I would like to share that with those who are similar as well as those who would like to understand. Luna and Star
Enomas Thron
This design was done for another sister of mine. We started with another image and it just wasn’t enough. She likes the abstract look like myself and we are both writers who often drift into metaphors and stories with a twist. She also wanted to remain anonymous in a sense but now the cat is out of the bag. This also gave me more experience working with someone who wanted my art outside of myself.
To Feel Is to See
I wanted to share this piece with you as an exclusive sneak peek to my book Philautia. I am very excited about this book and it has so much love to give. As I grow this book transforms with me in my poetry and graphic art. We live in a world where we have moved away from our hearts and view everything from a black and white perspective. Forever and always will we be able to experience life fully through connecting with our hearts instead of our minds. This is what I would like for people to see when they look out into the world; endless potential.
This design is a book cover that I am currently working on. Stay tuned on news about this new title in the future.

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