Mac Miller Portrait

Mac Miller

I cannot call myself a fan of Mac Miller.

I do enjoy listening to a few of his songs. Since his passing I have come to learn about how great of an artist he is and even though he was going through his mental health health issues, tried to bring the best to his music. Being a man in this industry it is very easy to get caught up in the stereotypical appearance of a rapper.

I think the biggest thing that we all can learn from his passing is that there are so many people around us suffering. There are so many mask that people wear to keep them from being vulnerable because we have become accustomed to being attacked for feeling. Mental illness is so real and we are living amongst ourselves suffering in silence.

As a collective I think the best thing we can do is create a safe place in our heart for us to be heard and to hear others. Just open ourselves and acknowledge what is real. I think that it is very important for every generation to know that as a whole we all care so that no one will feel the need to numb their pain with toxins.

This is for you Mac Miller.

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