Photography By: Ian Dooley

My Peace In Our War

My eyes now considered a foreign invasion to my body
Tears will not help the chaos
Blankets of sand stretching for miles
My cheek bones pressed against natures cover
An abrasive texture but not for wiping away fear

Para Love’s Dox

If I could I would give you all of me
I’ve been given everything
Every word unspoken lays gently on my heart like rose petals
You whisper o’love
And I become the echo of your words vibrating endlessly

Burn To Ashes, Love To Dust

But you set fire to my heart
Heard me cry out as you walked away
Why would you leave me this way
Tears vaporized into thick air
No help for me to call
As I burned, my love fell to ash

When We Write Poetry

When we write our poetry on the lines of our colored paper
There are no beginnings or endings
We draw the love with our blood
Through our veins we trace the source while racing
Our hearts

Her Imperfections In Standards

Society’s definition of standard hands slowly grip tighter around her neck
You’re not small enough
You’re not big enough
Your bosoms don’t bust the seams of your shirt bringing the men who wallow in thirst to their knees

Grateful For Her

‪Sometimes I miss those pieces of me that have died and I’ve buried‬
‪In those moments I want to dig them up‬
‪They no longer resonate with the me of today so I won’t‬
‪But I miss the security of their nostalgia‬
‪The warmth of their memory makes me happy to have been her‬
‪Which makes me grateful for who I am now‬


Collab | Episode of Sublime

You are the word that rhymes with the pangs in my heart
Once love goes away
Oh but when love runs from me
The pangs become pain

Collab | Perception of Greener Grass

Perhaps we are greener than the grass on the other side.
Perhaps our demeanor is crass to cover pride
That comes before the fall covers what we covet
Chlorophyll filling our monstrous pupils and overly conscious budget

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