#TrueLife Digital Journal


The #TrueLife Journal was created just for you.

True Life is all about discovering the “Real You” and removing the fantasy ideals that you have so that you can achieve your ultimate goal, a rich life. A rich life is not centered around material things or wealth, the focus is primarily on enjoying life through experiences rather than obtain items that you slave for.

In this journal you will take the time to write out your thoughts pertaining to the physical, emotional, mental things that you are ready to let go. You will also create a plan to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. At the very end I’ve created blank monthly self check questions along with weekly to do lists so that you can continue to keep track of your progress.

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– PDF download

– 84 pages

– Blank weekly to do list for 12 months

– 12 monthly self checks

– 52 weeks of to do list

– Blank monthly self checks and weekly to do list (separate PDFs to fill in for the following year)

– Use in Goodnotes, Notability, PDF (annotation), or Print

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