rushing bore

rushing bore

an “i am bae” self care talk about rushing bore and what that means to me. enjoy. 

rocky sea with setting sun

i am not interested in the mundane ideas of society.

can you take me somewhere else; anywhere else? i don’t want to explore the known and regurgitate the same lines that others have held on the tips of their tongues. can you express feelings from your hands and feel the tears as they fall from my eyes? i don’t want to experience the infective way rage enters the body but instead show me how you transmute energy to calm your soul.

i want to witness your love…

sometimes i wonder if my drive to know it all makes me a know-it-all. am i asking too many questions? seeking truths in the depths that exceed far beyond what most humans can answer. i know that i feel too much and that shakes other beings to their core but that is what peeks my interest. i want you to know your truth like i know my truth and find the love to adore you. this is a gentle sway of expression extending limbs to extenuate thoughts and open the mind to who you are within.

i want to dance with you.

so yes, i choose to be the fool and open my heart to be received by your universe but don’t rush me. let fear fall away like a silk robe, confidently exposing your light illuminating your vulnerability. enlighten me with your gift of life. this is my faith; a sacred space of trust and love. when you are here, paint me visions of our reflections in the universe we now call home.

how do i find trust?

i learn to trust self and spirit by taking information with a dash of discernment. my trust has been torn from my heart one too many times as if it could ever be removed; it can’t. no more will i fall victim to the ideation of lack of trust.

i trust that the universe will provide me with all that i desire to know and experience.

creative, imaginative, unpredictable
the fool
trust the universe
vata dosha

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