girl in safe illustration by shan bae

crammed into a box

locked in the dark

shadow holds light

oppressed by lack of sight

suppressing the essence in the shine

limiting beliefs turned into pitches that are muffled from the outside

unbecoming truths stretch far and wide in the mind

wailing in circles with no purpose

trailing a path with no surface

can’t seems to be the word that prevents awareness from being recognized

the foundation is a bottomless pit of blackness

refusing to recall how to get out of here

but instead embracing the total absence of light

a lie

it falls like indiscreet rain

giving into the pain for the pleasure of false escapes

temporary illusions without conclusions

that light up the night sky

why stay

feel through the blindness

tear through the pain

open what was never closed

break free from the safe

enlighten the world with your iridescent flame

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