setting monthly intentions with tarot

setting monthly intentions with tarot

in this blog post, i will give you a step by step guide on how you can start living consciously by setting monthly intentions with your tarot cards. i am using tarot cards but i advise you to use whatever tool you feel most comfortable with. i have been using my tarot cards in combination with my claircognizance and that’s what i will be using to demonstrate this activity.

I am a practicing eco-minimalist but I still purchase things that bring value to my life and family. I only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.


i have always enjoyed pouring my heart out onto a piece of paper and expressing myself however i see fit. honestly, for awhile, it was the only way i could express myself unconditionally without judgement. it has always been my therapy.

now that i am older and i find it easier to express myself verbally without the restrictions, i am realizing pouring my heart out is not enough anymore. i no longer need that secret place that i can hide all my really big emoceans and sacred secrets. my growth and expansion requires guidance and push beyond my new limits.

it’s only through conscious living have i realized that i need to journal with intention because blabbing about problems or random daily stuff is not getting me anywhere. i decided to use tarot cards as a tool to connect with my internal and external universe to manifest and intuitively check-in with self. i use clarity to perceive any messages that i need to receive by jotting down keywords that are important for the month.

it is a simple way to set yourself up intentionally every month to stay focused and achieve every goal that you wish to accomplish. 

let’s get into the step by step guide…

A Suitable Journal For Your Monthly Intentions

for this activity you are going to need a journal that you really love and would enjoy using every month or week. you can also include this layout within an existing journal and mark the pages for a quick flip to the page. you can use a physical or a digital journal using a program like goodnotes (ios users), notability (ios users), or xodo (android users). 

i will be using a digital planner that i purchased from the thissplanner shop on etsy and the goodnotes app to support the journal. i will also be using some stickers that i have made for my digital journal which will be available soon. 

thissplanner on etsy digital notebook for goodnotes and notability

Setting Up Your Journal For Your Monthly Intentions


i decorated my journal with some stickers and images that i feel connects with my theme for this year. i chose a mouth and hand to represent getting in touch with speaking my truths and desires. then i chose a picture of a woman wrapped in bandages to represent the healing that i am going through and how i need to use my other senses to assist in my healing. 


your journal should reflect inspiration and creativity to manifest your desires through artistic affirmation. write an overall intention for your journal and add in a little gratitude to give the universe some love. this is a really way to ensure that you remain aware of your intent.

anytime that you need a brief reminder of what your intentions are it will be right there in your book. you can use the one i have written in the image below or you can create your own. 


remember, any journal will do, keep it light, and fun. i use a digital journal because it aligns with my eco-minimalism lifestyle and beliefs. i love writing in paper journals but i love trees and the life they provide for all of us. this is my way of doing my job to help save the planet.

Writing Your Monthly Intentions For March

setting monthly intentions journal layout

i created sections for each question that was included at the beginning of this post. the image above is just included to give you an example and it isn’t something you have to follow to the detail.

every month when i am setting my intentions, i write about the previous month and list the things that i have accomplished. then i write the theme for this month using keywords, my affirmation based on my theme and the goals i would like to successfully complete.

it’s that simple. now let’s get into setting some intentions. 

What Did You Accomplish Last Month?

reveling in accomplishments
radiating confidence
abundant in your success
– shan bae

show gratitude for all that you have accomplished! writing out your accomplishments from the previous month can be motivating and empowering. this is especially true for any projects that you are working on and you would like to track your progress.

What Did You Learn Last Month?

write out a brief summary of what you have learned last month including: tips, tricks, quotes, etc. recording your realizations to review later on can be a powerful way to keep you motivated on your healing journey. this includes anything that you learn in regards to your job, personal life, hobbies, etc. 

What Is This Months Theme?

what is this months theme?

defining the theme for the month with a few keywords will help guide you in writing your affirmation and setting your goals. finding your keywords or theme is as simple as sitting and being with yourself in the moment to listen intuitively to what you are feeling. the first words that come to you will be the vibes for the month. 

if you are into any divinations, your practice can be used for this activity as well and it is a wonderful opportunity for you to strengthen your connection. i enjoy using my tarot cards or my clairs for this activity but you can use the method that works best for you. 

What Is This Months Affirmation?

claim all that you desire
speak your fruition

after writing down your theme, you will find that an affirmation may come to you instantly. if you do find yourself struggling to write out your affirmation, you can never go wrong with starting with “i am” and using one of your keywords to tie it all together. this affirmation will be the key to setting your monthly intentions and telling the universe what you would like to manifest. 

What Goals Are You Setting This Month?

aspire your desires
affirm your intentions
step in your truth
– shan bae

now you are ready to set your goals! knowing what your theme is for the month makes setting your goals a simple and organized task. this means that your goals should be similar and make sense to complete one after the other.

be sure to set goals that are realistic for you and your lifestyle. you could write out several small goals, a few medium goals, and one big goal to organize everything. as the month rolls on, check off each goal that you complete and be proud of yourself for doing so.

Revisit Your Monthly Intentions Often

i intend to be
a vow i speak daily
– shan bae

setting your monthly intentions is that easy and it only requires that you be present with a journal for about an hour. of course, you don’t want to write this all up and forget everything you wrote. set aside some time each day to revisit your monthly intentions, affirmations, and goals as often as possible to realign yourself with your daily plan and revel in your accomplishments.


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