She Heals Through Empowerment

Hello infinite beings!

I feel like I don’t share enough of what I do outside of poetry and so today I decided to share more of me with you because openness is where it’s at.

So I own a small business called Insaei Healing and it is an online shop for metaphysical jewelry and services. Insaei means “intuitive” or “true” which matches what I ultimately want for people who are interested in purchasing my jewelry. Insaei also sounds like “inside” and intuition does come from within which is where all healing must begin. The definition of this word resonates with what my intentions are and goes far deeper than what I feeling on the surface.

I am a Reiki practitioner as well so I use Reiki to clear and charge the gemstones I use in my chokers. I intend for this technique to bring very meaningful and powerful movements in my customer’s life. I have a client and influencer that I have been working with for a few months that has experienced this from what I have to offer.

If you haven’t seen this photo I don’t know how because I have literally put it everywhere. It is on my website’s sidebar, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The woman in the image is the client that I speak of and we met during a very hard time in her life. She was in a relationship that was abusive, left possessions behind during her relocation, and loss her grandfather all at the same time.

Since receiving my jewelry she has completely rejuvenated her energy and space. She moved away and has been doing the work to heal from her loss. She spoke on how the Vishuddha Love Choker was a reminder for her to speak up, speak her truth, and sink into her heart energy.

This was truly divine timing!

I wanted to help heal women and she needed the motivation to set intentions to heal her wounds. Now she is back to running her own spiritual business creating Mandalas, creating art, and reading tarot.

Sometimes it’s truly unbelievable how powerful we are! The divine feminine has no limit on what she can withstand and what she can accomplish. To bare witness to the very thing I was hoping and praying to help change for the better is magnificent. The energy we exchanged was just so enlightening and I can’t wait to provide someone else with an empowering experience like this one.

Check out the choker I mentioned above…

Infinite Love 🖖🏼


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