Notice Updated – February 2, 2021

physical shipping

⁃ carrier: usps

⁃ processing times: 1-3 days

⁃ estimated shipping times: 1-7 days

⁃ destinations: us nationwide

⁃ lost in transits: please check the tracking for your order by clicking or tapping the tracking number that was sent to you.

digital downloads

⁃ delivery: email

⁃ processing times: 24 hours

⁃ estimated delivery: 24 hours (manual delivery)

⁃ destinations: international


⁃ delivery: phone or email

⁃ processing times: 24 hours

⁃ estimated delivery via email: 24 hours

⁃ destinations: international

⁃ availability: sunday – tuesday 12 pm – 10 pm


reading confirmations will be sent no later than 24 hours from when you requested it. readings will be delivered via email in 24-72 hours depending on the volume at that time. if reading volumes are higher at that time you will be notified.


session confirmations will be sent no later than 24 hours from when you scheduled it. sessions must be made 24 hours in advance. sessions will be carried out via phone call or text.

payment options

⁃ square

⁃ apple pay

⁃ google pay

⁃ credit card

⁃ debit card

returns & exchanges

i do not accept returns or exchanges

if your order was damaged during transit, please contact me within 7 days with a picture and your order number.

copyright & intellectual property

⁃ artwork: poetry & illustrations

⁃ downloads

all intellectual property delivered via digital download or received during a service session must be used as intended. the intention will be included in the description for the product or given via written consent. this must not be voided in anyway which otherwise will result in prosecution.

read the copyright notice.

this website, its products & content are not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice.